New Year Resolutions in Customer Support

Written by on January 11, 2017

It’s a new year, and that could mean a new beginning. The world’s busy making resolutions to lay off the carbs, and let’s admit it, so are you. But while some of the things we commit to doing at new year’s are universal to us all, some are most definitely not. Lo and behold, resolutions in the special world of customer support:

I must not use lines

As safe as it feels to hide behind the impersonal and mechanical “Apologies for the inconvenience”, this year we’re reaching for being vulnerable, spontaneous and concerned, even when it’s hard to be.


No agent, no cry

Customer disappointment hits hard. You try and try to make someone happy, and it hurts so bad when you fail. But it is only in the order of nature that issues arise which you can’t solve straight away. Keep your chin up and motor on.


Leave no man behind

At year end, how guilty are you about the customers who slipped your mind? Those people who looked to you as their heroes, whose cats you just couldn’t get around to saving? Well, no more! This year, no customer issue shall go unresolved, no stone left unturned.


To explore strange new worlds

Today, customer support is newer and more dynamic than ever before, and you’re right at the heart of the action. Your experiences and learnings in the job every day are the building blocks of all human knowledge on customer service; there are no labs for this kind of stuff! Learn everyday and be a thought leader in support this year.


I’ll be home for Christmas

Providing customer support is a demanding job. You have to work long hours, odd hours, outside-the-office hours, or some combination thereof. This year, let’s learn to better manage the job and strike a great work-life balance.


Keep it current

There are more support channels now than there are deaths in Game of Thrones. Being cheeky to customers on Twitter works and going by the old notions of ‘the customer is always right’ gets you nowhere. The art of supporting customers across all your channels is exciting and difficult to get just right. Sound like a challenge for 2017?


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