Observer: Watch your support team, even when you're fast asleep

Written by on June 26, 2013

There are a few things support reps just shouldn’t be doing. Like having to run through every ticket before categorizing it and throwing it across the room to the right agent. Or swimming backwards to follow up on old customer queries, shoot out reminders and close issues. Not fun, not even close.

That’s why Freshdesk has a few tricks up its sleeve to make every support rep’s life easier. One of them is the Dispatch’r, the bouncer to your private party. The Dispatch’r stops tickets at the door to check out its specifics and then sets it onto the right category, priority, agent, everything. Then there’s the Supervisor. Unlike the Dispatch’r which springs into action only when there’s a new ticket at the door, the Supervisor runs every one hour and checks on all the tickets in the helpdesk. The Supervisor, like that librarian back from your high school, takes care of all things like managing status changes, and shooting out follow ups, reminders or escalations. Over all, a couple of auto-bots sitting inside your helpdesk that let your reps work on what’s really important: saving the world, one customer at a time.

Together, they sound like everything a support rep needs to become a superstar but there’s still room for one more. A third guy who has an eye on every event in your helpdesk. When a reply pops in, when a fire breaks out, when a Will-o’-the-Wisp gently falls onto the ground, the Observer will be the first person on the scene. He’ll have everything set up so that the dominos (that you can carefully choose) will fall as they may but bring about exactly what you want.

Introducing Observer, your friendly event triggered automation

The Observer lets you automate actions in a helpdesk when the events you specify are triggered in a ticket. You can use it to modify status, change priorities and even send out notification alerts as soon as certain conditions are met. For example, you can create an Observer rule that automatically reopens resolved tickets when customers reply to them. This way, your agents don’t have to waste time running back to check on tickets and you can stay on the top of things.

Unlike the Dispatch’r and the Supervisor, the Observer springs into action every time an event occurs in your helpdesk. Every single time. Run over to our solutions to take a look at all the events that the Observer keeps an eye out for.

An event walks into a bar…

There are a multitude of situations where having a big guy like the Observer on your side really pays off. We came up with a few to give you a good idea of what the Observer is capable of.

When would you find the observer super useful ?

1. Special notifications for special customers.

2. Alerts to the Account Manager when a customer reply pops in

3. Auto close/open tickets

4. Sound the alarm when a high roller sends in a bad satisfaction rating.

5. Shoot out an email when a ticket’s due date changes

Because asking your support reps to take care of operational tasks is like asking Superman to use his heat vision to boil water. He can do it but that really isn’t what he’s meant for.

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  • Ian Shaw

    you’re missing a colon in your link to Run over to our solutions https// should be https://

    • freshdesk

      Thanks for the heads up, Ian. We’ve added the colon and the link works fine now.

  • akash sharma

    Can I have a java api or any REST api that help me dynamically create new Observer rule in freshdesk ?

    • freshdesk

      Akash, we’re sorry, but you can’t use the API to dynamically create new Observer rules.