Old MacDonald wanted a helpdesk!

Written by on September 26, 2012

Because sometimes, we try our hand at poetry too. 🙂

Ole’ MacDonald
had a farm
and every day
he had a qualm

animals and fish
and even the kelp
he had them all
but no one to help

so the phone kept ringing,
“is that a goat?”
and emails about sheep,
loading tech support

so in he went
with a big cheque
to get a shiny
web-based help desk

now our man McDonald
he was no fool
he did his research
for the perfect tool

One help desk for the tickets
One help desk for the calls
One for facebook, twitter and farm-groups
One help desk, that’s all!

“the help desk software”
he’d say out loud
“must cover my lil farm-land
like the cloud”

“I’d need a help desk
that never goes down…
even if my power-horses
rode out of town”

So he asked the three piglets
(the wisest swine)
With a sneer they answered
Keep your help desk online!

You don’t even need
that big a cheque
You have rich choices
Of online help desks

Is that so?
Said ol’ McDonald
Imma get it now
And off he hobbled

That’s how Ole’ McDonald
Pushed his support to cloud
With a moo moo here
And his customers wowed

He went back to thank
the three wise swine
So he got them each
A bottle of wine

His help desk is ready
every time he needs
His farm is now brimming
so take his heed:

Put a moo moo here
Your support is fine
And a moo moo there
Just keep it online!

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