It's time to 'Harvest' something 'Fresh' – Announcing Integration with online invoicing service Harvest

Written by on March 20, 2012

The new Time Tracking feature in Freshdesk lets agents log and track the time they spend working on a ticket. In fact, you can even generate time sheets for each customer. But how do you bill them for the time you spent doing your good work?

We’re excited to announce our latest integration, with time tracking and online invoicing service Harvest.

So what’s so exciting about that?
Harvest lives up to something we deeply value here at Freshdesk – a simple and easy interface.

If you love your customers and invoicing them through Harvest, you will be loving this integration already! You can automatically push time entries from Freshdesk into Harvest. You can then consolidate all the time spent across projects and then proceed to invoicing your clients through Harvest. Pretty cool, eh?

Check out our solutions page for a step by step instructions on how to integrate Harvest with your Freshdesk account.

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