Organize your Canned Responses

Written by on February 11, 2013

Greg has been using Freshdesk’s canned responses for some time now. It’s one of his most favorite features, taking away forever some of the tediousness he had always associated with his job as a support agent. With no more need to type standard replies or root around in private notes to find a similar response, Greg could start resolving tickets in seconds. Which means getting to real problems faster.

But after a point of time, Greg found himself in a bit of a spot.

Greg was actually using canned responses a little too well. You know, like too much of a good thing? Now that he and his team had accumulated a lot of templates and replies, it was getting confusing for him to choose responses from hundreds of them. Famed speed-of-light responses had now become, unfortunately, speed-of-sound swings.

What was to be done?

Enter organized canned responses

Greg’s canned responses can now be neatly sorted out into folders; he can keep his own just for himself, or share them with his entire team. He can put them together by teams, or organize according to relevance.

Finding the right canned response just can’t get any easier, can it?

Go on, explore what you can do with the new organized canned responses. Read more about using folders for canned responses here. And shout out if you need any help. We’re always listening!

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