Why phone support is critical for non-profits

Written by on November 12, 2015

When someone donates to your cause, they don’t want just a receipt acknowledging their payment. When they donated to you, they chose you to represent their cause. They want more than just a report at the end of every quarter and a fundraiser every now and then. They want a deeper, more personal level of engagement, a connection that tells them that they matter to you as an individual.

But how do you create this personal, intimate connection across your entire donor base? How do you build a relationship to last the ages?

You need two things.

One, you need a channel that will help you make sure that every interaction is high-touch and personalized. And two, you need a system that will keep track of all your interactions and provide you with the history and information you will need to provide that high touch – a helpdesk.

The channel is the easy part. If you think about it, there’s only one channel that’s a perfect fit. Only one channel that can fit all of those criteria and be affordable, the one channel that’s never gone out of style – the phone.

Why? By making phone the primary channel in your helpdesk, non-profits can:

Add a personal touch to interactions

A phone channel lets donors associate a voice to a name. When they would otherwise be merely an email address on a screen or a signature at the bottom of a letter, non-profits can make sure donors will, at least, be able to put a voice to the passionate people appealing for causes they care about, if not a name.

Provide an easy way for people to reach out

Even though the digital world is revolutionizing the way we prefer a lot of things, there’s just one thing that has never changed: people still want instantaneous answers. And there’s no better channel, no more-accessible channel than the phone to meet these lofty expectations. With a helpdesk, you can not only track calls to donors easily but you can also access past donation records, compile notes and optimize approach to seeking donations the same way corporate companies tailor their sales pitch.

Provide greater transparency

Donors are comfortable contributing for a cause only when they are absolutely certain about an organization’s goals and history. In case of problems or prospective PR misunderstandings, quick, concise answers provided by a voice at the end of a phone call will be a lot more reassuring than a canned email response.

Build better relationships with donors

There’s no quick and easy way to build credibility and trust, but you can get there by making sure that your donor’s interactions are as painless as they come. A real-time channel like the phone will not only make sure that they get their answers ASAP, but it’ll also help you make your relationship more deep and meaningful.

And the easiest way to do so, to provide exceptionally good phone support is by throwing out your old-fangled landlines in favor of taking your call center to the cloud. By doing so, not only can you take calls and answer queries from anywhere and at any time but you can also get started in a matter of minutes.

Your reward for all the goodwill you spread

With Freshdesk, getting started with phone support is about as easy as it gets – all you have to do is sign up, buy a number and voila! you’re good to go.

However, we want to encourage non-profits to grow faster and provide better support to customers right from day one. So, in partnership with Twilio.org, we are offering discounted prices to make it more affordable and easy for non-profits to engage and build relationships with their customers. Eligible non-profits can get a 15% off any Freshdesk plan and $500 credits to be used in Freshdesk’s phone channel.

Sign up today to avail the offer and start WOW-ing your donors with a superior and long-lasting relationship.

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