Freshdesk for QuickBooks – Balancing books and support made easier

Written by on January 26, 2016

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online, one of the most popular invoicing solutions in the world, helped over a million organizations and small businesses manage their books, file tax returns, and handle their payrolls in the year 2014 alone.

By making small and medium-sized businesses migrate to a cloud-based solution, Intuit has made it easy for thousands of people streamline their business processes – right from day to day activities like tracking bills and invoicing customers to generally managing data and other back office operations.

Building an integration between Freshdesk and QuickBooks made a lot of sense to us because partnering with Intuit would enable our users to share data between their customer support platform and their billing platform. By linking these two solutions, businesses could vastly simplify the workflow of their entire support process. We could imagine how users can take care of both their customers’ problems as well as all related accounting matters without switching between two solutions.

SMBs typically juggle 15 to 18 apps a day trying to engage with their customers, sell their product and provide them with a great service. In addition to managing these apps and the data between them, SMBs are also expected to keep their workflow simple and uncomplicated in order to maintain high efficiency. The Freshdesk-QuickBooks integration will help businesses tackle those workflow problems easily. By sharing data between the solutions, agents will be able to focus more on their tasks rather than spend their time juggling apps and searching for information.

Our product team started working on the integration, knowing exactly what we wanted to build. Today, we are happy to announce our integration with QuickBooks and you can start using it for free!

Bill customers for support easily with the Freshdesk-QuickBooks integration

With the Freshdesk-QuickBooks integration, you and your agents can easily track time spent on a ticket and log those timesheet entries against the appropriate user in QuickBooks, in case you wish to bill customers for support. Agents can also easily view the last five invoices that were issued to a customer.


This integration makes it easier for you to track an agent’s performance, their efficiency in solving a problem and the costs involved as the required financial data is available from QuickBooks. With this information, it becomes easier for you to provide specific actionable insights to agents in order to improve their performance.

Your support agents can also refer to customer details from your QuickBooks account since the integration displays it right next to the customer’s ticket in your helpdesk. Be it contact details or the customer’s last five invoices – with more data and better information, you can ensure that your agents are fully equipped with all they need to provide stellar proactive support. The integration also makes data flow between QuickBooks and Freshdesk simpler allowing agents to provide an enhanced support experience without having to worry about transferring any timesheet entry or contact data manually across the two products.

Managing their accounts and helping customers with their problems are two of the most important yet time-consuming tasks that Small Businesses deal with everyday. This integrations successfully bridges two vastly different operations so that businesses and their employees can seamlessly switch from one task to the other without having to disrupt their workflow.

The team at The Rnits Company has been successfully using the integration in the past weeks and it has proven perfect for their organisation: “Configurability and cost effectiveness were two characteristics that we highly prioritized in our search for a support software, and Freshdesk cleared our requirements easily. The integration with QuickBooks has solved a number of issues we had – with data being scattered across multiple solutions. Our workflow is immensely simpler now, as we do not have to enter and manage time-sheet data manually across multiple solutions and also we do not have to keep switching back and forth between them.”

Click here to learn more about the integration and how to set it up in your Freshdesk account. Take it for a spin and let your agents worry about customers’ problems rather than paperwork.

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