Say hello to Dropbox, Freshdeskers!

Written by on February 18, 2013

There’s nothing more annoying than watching the upload bar fill slowly, step by step, when you are trying to email a file to someone. Just when you take your eyes off the screen, about a hundred things can turn against you – like a file size restriction or a broken link. And until the time your customer comes back complaining, you’ll never know that something’s not right. When your customers are already fuming over an issue and you are racing to help them out, the last thing you need is more things going wrong.

Maybe if you take out all the logistics and errors, the restrictions and the waiting, your agents’ lives will be better off.

So do it. Take them all out.

Freshdesk is now integrated with arguably the best thing to happen to file exchange since… since anything, really – Dropbox!

Agents can attach files from their Dropbox directly into tickets. The link to the attachments will be sent to users who can then view or save them. The users will not have access to the agents’ whole Dropbox, only the file that the agent shared. Which means that we are taking away the eternal bane of the support agent – he’ll never have to worry about rich attachments and email size restrictions anymore.

The ‘Attach from Dropbox’ button will now be visible on the new ticket form as well as reply dialogs in the support portal.

For step by step instructions on how to integrate Freshdesk with Dropbox, here’s our solutions article on it.

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