Support a global customer base across timezones with Multiple Business Hours

Written by on July 2, 2013

Forget time machines. Manage SLAs across time-zones and shifts with Multiple Business Hours

Customer support issues have this physics-defying way of bending time and space. Sitting in GMT +5, we’ve resolved issues in SF before they even occurred. And once we went back to yesterday, and solved a problem for one of our Zen masters in Japan.

Time zones can be such a spoilsport. And don’t even get me started on daylight savings!

Supporting a global customer base across multiple time zones is just downright agonizing. Especially when you have customers shooting you queries from Sydney to Austin, and dedicated groups of support reps to take care of them at each time zone.

How do you account for Service Levels and business hours when your customers are screaming from all over the world? (Here’s how you’d do it if you had all your customers sitting in one place)

You can now set Multiple Business Hours for each group of agents in Freshdesk. Have a group supporting customers in New York, and another working with your Melbourne users? Now, you can set each group their own business hours, and even holidays. The SLA timers for tickets assigned to each group will automatically be recalculated according to the hours and timezones you’ve set.

You can learn more about multiple business hours from our solutions page here.

Oh, and the Melbourne guys don’t get to take the Fourth of July off. Ouch!

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