COLA – The Art of Hyperspace Support without Colliding into your Agents

Written by on March 18, 2013

If you’ve ever launched a rocket into hyperspace, you’d know there are a whole lot of things you have to worry about. You need to make sure there is enough food and air for the travel, but not too much that it adds needless weight. You need enough fuel to hit escape velocity. You need a nice cloudless sky on launch day.

And you also need to make sure there’s nothing hanging around up in the sky when you shoot your ship upwards – geese or crows or flying fish. This is important; the guys at NASA call it COLA, or COLlision Avoidance.

Now I’m going to fairly assume most of us have never launched anything heavier than our ideas into outer space, so this is probably not what keeps us up every night. The only cola that we care about is the cold one we sip on our table as we resolve support queries, in rapid succession. And that’s good.

In fact, if you’ve been using Freshdesk Arcade, you know the fight is on to resolve and win your customer’s satisfaction before any other agent in your team. And sometimes that gets a bit messy….

Sometimes we are super eager to answer a ticket and start working, without calling dibs on it first. And just those sometimes there’s this other high energy rep in your team who has the same idea. And that’s two agents, colliding on a ticket and giving the customer two answers. Hopefully both of you got it right, but it still doesn’t look good for your support team, does it?

In fact nobody thinks too high of a team that seems to not talk to each other (or worse still, has to call dibs on a ticket).

That’s where the agent collision capability in Freshdesk gets super useful. Got another agent opening up a ticket you are working on? There’s a big blinker right by the side of your open ticket. Somebody already typing out their answer? There’s a pen lighting up to alert you. And if you’ve been hanging around a ticket long enough that there’s an update (just about any update), the refresh icon lights up. Click on it, and get the latest info on the ticket locked and loaded.

The agent collision detection (and warning, and refresh) feature is actually pretty slick. In case you are wondering, the feature is part of the Freshdesk Estate plan. If you have more than a handful of agents working on your support desk, and you can’t make them call out dibs, ring a bell or scream ticket numbers when they start working on an issue, this little capability can save your life…

And lives are good things to save!


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