Support Multiple Products with Freshdesk

Written by on July 6, 2011

Support Multiple Products with Freshdesk

Our latest refresh of Freshdesk happened yesterday with enhanced multi-product support. If you are supporting more than one product or brand then you need to check out the multi-product support feature in Freshdesk
Examples – Product companies with more than one product, Managed Service providers offering outsourced support for  multiple customers or hotel management companies managing more than one property etc.

Here is an overview of how this works –

1. You can have a separate incoming / outgoing email address for each product. (support(at), support(at) etc.)
2. A separate customer portal for each product – eg. and
3. A completely different brand experience for customers in each portal – Fully customizable with separate logos, colors etc.
4. A separate top level forums and Solutions Category for each product / brand to keep only relevant information in each portal.
5. Ability to automatically link each ticket to the appropriate Product and appropriate support group in the backend.
How much does this cost ?
Multi-Product support is available in the Premium plan along with a host of other features and costs $29 per agent per month.

Disclaimer – Microsoft, XBox and MS-Office are trademarks of Microsoft and are used here for illustrative purposes only.Microsoft currently does not use Freshdesk for customer support.

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