I’m Kristinn Hróbjartsson and this is how we roll at QuizUp!

Written by on September 25, 2014

Kristinn Hróbjartsson (everyone fondly refers to him as Kiddi) is the Support Lead and Scrum Master for Team Growth at Plain Vanilla Games. When he’s not helping QuizUp users, he loves talking about startups, politics, international news and fashion. Plain Vanilla is the creator of QuizUp, the most popular trivia game in the world. With over 400,000 questions in 600 categories, QuizUp has roughly 26 million users who spend about 30 minutes a day, competing against each other on their favorite topics.

Kiddi, Quizup

We managed to catch up with Kiddi and ask him about life at Plain Vanilla.

What’s your official title?

I’m the Head of Support.

And how big is your team?

We have four people answering emails everyday, two doing support through social media and several more regularly answering queries in other languages than English (QuizUp is available in 6 languages now). However, everyone in Support isn’t just exclusively on Support; we also do other things like QA or topic curation for quizzes that people can play.

Where are you guys based?

Reykjavik, Iceland

How many products do you support and what channels do you keep an eye on?

QuizUp is our only product. And as for channels, we support email, Facebook and Twitter. We also try to monitor other sources, such as Play Store reviews and other social networks, like Reddit. Hopefully we’ll be able to add mobile support soon, using Freshdesk Mobihelp.

Tools you use for support:

Freshdesk and Slack – for in-house communication

Plain Vanilla Headquarters


Twenty million users must make for an exhausting schedule. What does a typical day look like for a Plain Vanilla support rep?

We usually start the day with breakfast, prepared by our awesome chef, Ausi, in our Canteen.

The Chef Behind Quizup

They say there’s a chef behind every successful trivia app…

The support team is spread across a couple of teams, but are in constant contact with each other through Slack. We have daily stand-up meetings with our teams, and very regular sync-ups where we go over our metrics – mainly first response time, customer satisfaction and ticket backlog. Apart from that, the days vary quite a bit. Sometimes we have a lot of meetings, sometimes not. Around updates and releases there’s usually more to do than other days. Some days we end up spending a lot of time on several support issues, while other days everything is smoother – which frees up time for us to revisit knowledge base articles or follow up on requests from team members for internal tool development.

How do you guys manage taking time off from support?

The support team at QuizUp is very supportive (pun intended) of each other, so when one (or more) of us have a vacation, the others pick up the slack.

We have a routine about this – we simply ‘check out’ of receiving tickets and pass on all unanswered requests to our colleagues.

The Team dressed up as GoT characters

The QuizUp Team dressed up GoT style to watch the fourth season finale together.

Let’s talk numbers. What’s the most important metric you think a support rep should aim for?

The two metrics we focus on are satisfaction (measured by the satisfaction survey Freshdesk gives us) and first response time because we believe users expect support teams to answer their requests in a very timely manner, especially on social media.

How do you measure customer happiness?

We look at customer satisfaction surveys, as well as aggregate review scores from the App Store and Play Store, to gauge our users’ overall happiness.

You’ve been a customer for a while now (thanks!). What do you like best about Freshdesk?

The new Social Tab, for sure. I love the amount of information you can pull up about a user the minute he tweets at us – past tickets, tweets, his drivers license… I love the way we manage our interactions, it makes the whole process a lot smoother. I also like the fact that it offers a nice system of building up a database of solutions for our users that our agents can use to answer support emails.


The QuizUp app has approximately 220,000 questions in over 400 categories

It’s so great to hear that, Kiddi! So, you guys must get a lot of topic and feature requests. How do you handle requests that are in the works but will take some time to make it to the product?

We try to give our users as accurate updates as possible, regarding updates or features that are being added. When users request a feature that’s in the works (or reports a bug that’s being fixed), we usually add them to a list (tag their ticket) and then send them a follow-up once the feature or bug-fix is out.

We want our users to feel that even though it sometimes takes a while to deliver their feature, we don’t forget them!

Plain Vanilla headquarters

Plain Vanilla Headquarters, Reykjavik, Iceland.

What if it’s a feature that you’re never going to build? What do you do then?

Requests from our users are usually good requests, which makes it even harder to tell them when we don’t have any plans to build them.

Which is exactly what we tell them – that we like the idea but don’t have plans for a feature like that. We make it a point though, to float the ideas from users as often as we can in meetings with developers and product people.

What’s your refund policy like?

As a mobile app, we sell only through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – which means that all refund requests need to go through those outside sources. This makes our job a bit harder – we have to tell the users to go elsewhere to get a refund. It’d be a better experience if we could just refund them. What we can do, however, is to reimburse them with additional in-app purchases, which we try to do if the users accept them.

In terms of customer service, which company do you admire a lot?

In my personal experience, I’ve always had outstanding customer service at Ralph Lauren, both on and offline. They’re really consistent with their customer focus across platforms. Also, Photojojo seems like an awesome customer oriented company!

Just one more question…if you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

Hyperspeed flying.

Just like Superman. I’d like to go to the moon, but I’ll never be an astronaut.

We started the Secret Sauce series to find out more about what makes the customer service of some great companies click. We get in touch with one awesome support representative and we pick their brains. We find out what a typical day is like for these support rockstars, their personal work-philosophy, support process and what inspires them to go above and beyond the call of duty to make their customers happy. Know a customer support rep you’d like to see featured here? Drop us a line in the comments or shoot an email to love@freshdesk.com with your suggestions.

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