The Tip-off #1: Are you and your coworker both replying to the same support query?

Written by on July 12, 2017

No one escapes the overwhelming flood of information on the internet today, and it doesn’t help that most of that information is relevant, required learning for us to keep up with the world or contribute more in our jobs. There’s a lot to learn and very little time to do it: so for a few years now, bite-size nuggets of useful information have been my best friend.

And it can’t be just me – short, concise packages of information provide all of us with much-needed relief from the content overload. That’s why we’re starting a series called ‘The Tip-off from Freshdesk’ on the Freshdesk blog, where readers can learn customer help desk hacks and gain useful insights for help with their business and careers.

This week, we’ve got a tip from the world of support on how you can avoid sending multiple replies to the same customer question.

It happens more often than you’d think – two (or more) support agents answering the same support request without realizing it. If you think that’s bad, there’s actually something worse – what if they give contradictory answers to the same question?


If you’re a support rep, look to the agent collision detection feature in your helpdesk to save yourself some embarrassment.


♣   Agent collision detection tells you how many other agents are viewing or replying to a support query, and who they are


Who goes there? 

♣   With this information, you don’t have to lose any time solving issues that your coworker is taking care of


After all, time is money

♣   And your customer can have a consistent support experience, without any hassle!


Using agent collision detection frees you up for a productive day winning customer love.

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