There's a role for every superhero. Even in your support…

Written by on June 19, 2013

Of all the superheroes out there, the guys I love the most are the X-men. And it’s for a very specific reason too. Each guy on the team has a unique superpower – Wolverine can heal and destroy, Cyclops can shoot laser beams from his eyes and Magneto can control metal. And now, we get to create our special band of superheroes right out of our support teams.

Of course, no one wants to build a customer support team of superheroes, all with just the same powers. There are things like strengths and weaknesses to take into context. For example, you should bestow the power of publishing Knowledge Base entries to the guys with an eye for SEO and a heart for keeping things tidy. And then there are guys who are adept in the art of making a customer happy. They’re the ones who should have the superhuman ability to resolve tickets.

But how do you go about this?

Introducing Roles: A custom-tailored Super Hero Suit for every Support Agent

As of last Saturday, you can customize and set roles in Freshdesk, giving each of your agents specific privileges over a particular part of your help desk.

For example, you can create a ‘Newbie’ role for trainees that lets them view tickets, and perhaps even categorize and assign them, but not post their own replies. Or you can create a Community Manager who can keep users in your forums engaged and happy, without getting lost in your everyday tickets.

set custom roles for each support rep

Here are some awesome roles you might find useful.

Robin, the Sidekick : Can view tickets and assign them to someone.

Fox, the Solutions Expert : Can edit and publish solutions.

Alfred, the Clean-up-er : Can reply to tickets but not view customers or company information.

Bruce, the Engager : Can participate in forum discussions and start new topics.

Batman, the Admin : Can do just about anything including jumping from cliffs, fighting off bad guys, racing the Batmobile, and editing account details.

You can learn more about creating and applying custom roles in Freshdesk here.

Super Admins: All Agents are Equal. But some agents are more equal than others

There are only two types of managers in this world. The ones with a credit card. And the ones without… And now, there’s the third kind!


Previously, the only choice you had with respect to Admins was deciding whether an agent was one or not. Just that. Now, you get to choose how Admin-y an Admin gets.

For example, you can now nominate operational agents who can manage your automations and workflows, and even give some of them special powers to manage agents. And then, you could have better-than-usual Super Admins, who have almost complete access to everything in your support. And finally, you get to create God-level Super Agents who can change plans, manage credit cards and take care of all your account information.

Run over to our solutions here to learn more about what admin roles mean, and how that affects who you can assume and what you can do.

And now if an agent walks into a bar and announces himself as an Admin, make sure you check him out properly before you keep his tab open through the night.



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