The Time We Powered Santa’s Helpdesk

Written by on January 20, 2017

Last Christmas was like no other for all of us here at Freshdesk because, believe it or not, Santa Claus had chosen to use us for his helpdesk! When we first spoke to one of Santa’s elves, we couldn’t believe what was happening. He’d found us online, he said, and wanted to see if Freshdesk could suit Santa’s use case.

The business of delivering delight? We were sure we’d got this sale down. And sure as the sky is blue, the deal was made in a few months.

Powering Santa’s helpdesk has been great. For one thing, we got a lot of facetime with his elves, who are just adorable. For another, we managed to help Santa clear up a lot of issues with his support, so he could answer the curious questions that millions of children the world over were asking him everyday. And these are our key takeaways from our first Christmas with Santa:

Support is indispensable, even when you’re delivering delight

Santa’s entire job description is to deliver happiness and delight to children. You’d think no one would have a problem with that. You’d think kids wouldn’t have questions about things that makes them so happy to play with, they don’t even notice the broccoli you’re feeding them. Oh, but they do.

They have a lot of questions. “Will I get that red, remote-control car we saw in the toy store last month, Santa?” “How do I make sure my doll doesn’t need glasses, Santa?” Happiness comes in very specific forms and shapes, even for children. And where there are specific requirements and use cases, there are questions.

It’s only when they eventually grow out of the phase when that particular red, remote-control car or that doll doesn’t entertain or comfort them anymore, that the questions stop. But at that stage, they aren’t Santa’s customers anymore, are they?

All the variety under the sun isn’t going to stop people from having the exact same questions

Santa sources and delivers everything a child could possibly dream of. Each year’s inventory of presents just gets bigger and bigger. We’re pretty sure it could be used to climb up the side of a tall tower. But there’s still that one set of questions that are asked over and over and over again – questions that believe it or not, apply to everything under the sun. That’s why the first thing that Santa did was get his elves onto writing answers to those popular questions. You wouldn’t need to look very far to find answers to the questions – “Did I make it on the nice list this year” and “I know I did something naughty but can I please get a present?” – that so plague our children around Christmas time.


Branding is everything

When Santa first started using Freshdesk, he set up a neat but amateurish arrangement. His elves were answering calls and replying to emails just fine, but children were still a little disappointed in the service they were getting. When Santa looked into the problem, he found that while everyone’s questions were being answered promptly, there was nothing about the customer experience that pointed to the answers really being Santa’s. Santa Claus stood for joy and merriment, but his customer support didn’t reflect those defining qualities. The experience of his presents wasn’t being recreated in every support interaction before it. So Santa made it a point to give his support wing as much character and identity as possible – he spruced up his knowledge base, making it humorous and delightful, he asked his elves to spread the cheer when children called. That’s when it felt like Christmas again.

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-7-14-00-pm screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-7-05-37-pm

Support means some unpleasant interactions, even for Santa

I know it’s surprising, but even Santa’s helpdesk has to deal with some erm…unpleasant interactions. People sometimes ask mean things, they question Santa’s abilities and intentions. The elves don’t like it, and although Santa greets everything with a smile, the elves think he does hurt inside. But handling these interactions is about recovering with the kind of swag that comes from an undying faith in oneself. Santa and his elves tackled this year’s share of such interactions like a boss by being quick on their feet, humourous and light-hearted.


Gifts aren’t always boxed, wrapped and left under trees or stuffed into stockings

For us at Freshdesk, we couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. What could possibly be better than Skyping with Santa, hanging with elves, chilling with reindeer and bringing joy to the world?

Be sure to check out Santa’s awesome Freshdesk-powered support portal!

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    Great Article! But if you had told me this last year, I would have put forth some of my childhood questions to him as well…