Using Social Information to Wow your Prospect with an Awesome Demo

Written by on February 17, 2011

social network alpha launch

Yesterday we showed the alpha version of Freshdesk to a special prospect.(Lets call him Phil) We were pretty excited about this as this was the first time someone outside of our team was going to see Freshdesk.

Call us old school but we wanted to customize the product in such a way that the prospect sees his helpdesk in action. But we had a problem – we did not have any info on the prospect other than his name and email id. And there was no website hosted at the domain.

We specifically wanted 3 types of info

1. We wanted a few of his colleagues names and photos to add them as agents

2. The app that they were working on – so that we could customize the support url and email ids

3. Features of the app they were building so that we could create some Knowledgebase articles and forums posts – like feature requests etc.

We decided to do some investigation online and quite frankly we were surprised by the amount of info we could find –

1. Rapportive – Rapportive gave us the LinkedIn profile page of Phil from his email id.

2. LinkedIn – showed us Phil’s title and company and also gave us a nice profile picture. Even though there was no specific company page created – clicking on the company name showed a list of people – one of whom had mentioned that he was a UI designer at the same company. Let’s call the designer – Jack (But the problem¬† was Jack was living in a different US state from Phil)

LinkedIn also gave us Jack’s twitter handle. We followed the trail and went to twitter.

3. Twitter – On Twitter Jack’s profile picture did not have a photo of him – it had the logo of Arizona Cardinals football team. But Jack recently had retweeted about the nearing launch of an app. Clicking on the twitter handle we got the name of the app and surprise – the app had Phil as a follower.

4. We Googled the app name and found the website and got a list of features that they were building.

There was just one info missing – we needed Jack’s Photo.

5. We went to Facebook and searched using Jack’s first name and last name.

We found 4 or 5 matching entries but one of them mentioned that they were a fan of “Arizona Cardinals” – Bingo. To double check we could see Phil listed as a friend on Jack’s profile page.

With all this info we spent 20-30 minutes customizing Freshdesk with all the info that we had gleaned.

When we demoed Freshdesk to Phil – he was genuinely surprised both with Freshdesk and to see that it was setup for his stealth app.Maybe we got lucky on this one !

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  • Andry Haryanto

    Very creative approach! Did you guys end up closing the sale?

  • It is very important to be prepared at all times, esp if you’re going to present to a prospective client.¬† Researching is a key factor in becoming successful in a presentation.