Zendesk Security Breach: What this means to us…

Written by on February 22, 2013

Late yesterday Zendesk announced a security breach that hit me right on my solar plexus. The support accounts of Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter had been compromised, along with customer emails and ticket details.

Now before we go on, this is big. And this is not good at all. As a SaaS company and competitor to Zendesk, we know the level of importance we give to data security. Our customer’s data is our business, and that’s that. I’m certain that Zendesk employs the best of the best data security standards too.

Hackers typically exploit vulnerabilities in the system to perform malicious activities. Sometimes for personal gain, sometimes for money, and most often just to see the world around them burn. After all, it is way easier to destroy something beautiful than to build the masterpiece in the first place.

I, like you and most others, love tumbling across cool write-ups and pictures, pinning them up on my wall, and tweeting about it to the world. And when I chance upon a problem, bug or issue, I don’t think twice before shooting my queries to their support team.

There is a good chance this hack attack might result in even stricter (and more transparent) security policies across the SaaS space. There is a good chance we might look at even more beefed up security systems. We know Zendesk will do exactly that as well. In the meantime, we just wanted to write to the probably sleep-deprived support guys at Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Zendesk – we’re with you!

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