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What's new in our kitchen – February Feature Roundup

Written by on February 17, 2014

A whole new year has arrived, National Oatmeal month has passed and February is here. We have been sparse on communication, because the last few weeks have been really productive at Freshdesk. We have pushed several long-awaited features. Here is a round up of new additions to your helpdesk (in case you haven’t noticed them already).

1. iOS App (Beta)

 iOs app for freshdesk

The much anticipated iOS app for agents has finally been released to a set of beta customers. Please send us an email if you want to get immediate access to the beta. The public version, on the App Store, is expected in the next 2-3 weeks.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts for freshdesk

This is one of my favourite features.  When you are inside Freshdesk just press Shift + ? to see the list of shortcut keys. Double up on your speed with the new keyboard shortcuts.

3. Built-in phone channel

Freshfone for Freshdesk

Our exciting voice integration feature has now been enabled for all paying customers with free credit of $5. You can buy a new toll free number for your support, configure the IVR and your agents can attend customer calls from the browser, their mobile/landline phones or their homes. When the support call ends, it is converted automatically into a ticket. You can even record these calls for quality and training purposes. The best part – you do not need to spend anything on expensive telephony equipment. Try phone channel with the free credits, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to integrate your phone support with the rest of your help desk.

4. SAML Support for Single Sign On


If your company uses several cloud services and uses a SAML based single sign on provider, you can integrate Freshdesk into your SAML provider. Free your agents from the hassle of remembering yet another set of credentials.

5. Code highlighter for your Knowledge Base

code highlighter for k-base

If your knowledge base articles contain code snippets, you can use the code highlighting feature to make your knowledge base articles more readable.

6. Monitoring a Forum

Many of you asked for the ability to monitor an entire forum rather than monitoring individual forum topics. We listened and that feature is now available.

7. Freshchat


Freshchat has been in beta testing for quite sometime now, and we will be rolling it to for our Estate and Garden plan customers over the next few days. You can embed Freshchat within your website and start engaging your visitors. We ourselves have been surprised by how many leads we have been able to generate for Freshdesk, simply by engaging website visitors through chat. Integrate Freshchat into your website and you are sure to get some love from your sales team for the extra leads.

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  • I love the idea of Freshchat. Wish it was in the free version but it definitely makes sense to be in the paid.

  • Agree with Michael. Let me know when it’s available. Will you only be able to chat from within the browser or will it function like Olark where you can add to your chat client.

    • freshdesk

      It’s chat from within the browser, Dante. And sure! We’ll keep you posted.

  • Nathan Anderson

    I would love to help beta test the iPhone app. Please let me know how to get on “the list.”

    • Please add me to the list for iPad and iPhone application. I’d love to start using it right away.

  • Vinicius Assis

    About the keyboard shortcuts, I just loved it! A great improvement would be to make it customizable… specially for us “non english” customers…

    And I missed the shortcut to “Edit” the ticket. We have to review almost every subject line… 🙁

    • freshdesk

      Thank you for your feedback, Vinicus. I agree, that’s a very valid concern. I’ll be sure to pass it on to our developers.

  • Pam

    How about WordPress integration? 🙂

    • freshdesk

      That’s a great idea 🙂 would you like to ticket your blog comments or are you looking for something more?

      • Ticketing blog comments from WordPress would be a very helpful and great feature!

        • freshdesk

          It’s on our hot list 🙂

      • Pam

        Single sign on for WP admins and users. (WP users not having to create new Freshdesk logins.) Dashboard overview of new/open/closed ticket totals for admins. Just to start 🙂

        • freshdesk

          Most of that is on our hot-list, Pam 🙂 We’re working on these features – Single sign on, converting comments to tickets and embedding the ticket form in WP. Thanks for bringing it up!

  • vinamelody

    Can Freshchat be handled through iOS app too?

    • freshdesk

      Right now, no. But it’s in our roadmap. We’re not sure about the ETA, though.


    Love It ! … 🙂 great features ! price right ! thanks for everything

  • It’s always nice to see new features, but fixing things like the ability to combine customers (which has been a problem for well over a year now) would be more impressive.

  • Dav McKenzie

    Please can you send me access to the iOS app please. My email is dav@alienationdigital.co.uk, thanks!

  • Giorgio Brojanigo

    Great new feature but still waiting for Magento integration 🙁

    • freshdesk

      Giorgio, I know it feels like forever. We’re really sorry about that but we are working on this, and it is a priority!

  • Markus De Rezende Deimling

    What about Freshfone numbers for Brazil?

    • freshdesk

      We’re working on that, Markus 🙂 Will keep you notified!

  • seanism

    Let me get in on that IOS beta!