Why Dexter would choose a hosted helpdesk!

Written by on September 26, 2012

If you grew up watching Dexter (the boy genius with a lab in his basement – not the confused compulsive killer-hero) cranking up world-changing inventions at his lab, you are going to love this. After all, when it comes to all things ‘technology’, who better to follow than the prodigy himself.

With the kind of research and inventions that the boy genius comes up with in his lab, of course he needs a good help desk solution.

First, he needs to be connected to the world outside so he has all the right variables accounted for.
Second, he cannot rely on just his memory and a bunch of notes to keep track of all the human conversations, time travel, and home chores.
Third, he needs his shut-down-and-recover procedure in place before DeeDee gets into the lab again.

For someone who could build an entire laboratory from scratch, build machines that could destroy (and save) the world, and irradiate the O,N,K,E and Y out of monkeys, and turn them into mutated superheroes, you could rashly be driven to believe Dexter would chose to build and maintain his own help desk software on his turf (or basement).
So here’s our argument why he would rather use a hosted help desk solution that is safely nestled on the cloud –

1. DeeDee doesn’t have to press that button.

Remember the time Dexter creates this giant of an invention, and needs DeeDee to press that button to get it started?
Well, now he doesn’t need DeeDee’s help to get this support desk installed, running, or upgraded. In fact, there is no button in the first place! With his help desk software hosted on the cloud, Dexter can get his tech support fired from just about anywhere, from any device with an internet connection and a web browser!

2. The Data is Mandark-proof.

Dexter does not have to worry, not even a teeny weeny bit, about Mandark coming and getting his top secret data from the helpdesk. With his hosted helpdesk, Dexter’s secret formulae, plans, blueprint and resolutions are super secure. Top class data encryption and an uber safe data center mean the security of his information is a given.

3. Dexter gets to focus on just his inventions

Dexter gets to focus his time on efforts on the things he enjoys and does best, like creating alternate energy sources from annoying Facebook pictures. First, since there is nothing to install or upgrade, he doesn’t have to babysit his hosted help desk software. And second, he now gets to use the best-in-class features and capabilities from his hosted help desk before he can say “Computer, Lights On!”

4. It’s faster than a genius-made-superhero.

The hosted helpdesk can even put Monkey to shame. The primate superhero that Dexter created would also be flummoxed by the speed at which the hosted helpdesk works, how fast the data moves in the cloud and how quickly and easily and almost imperceptibly the updates happen. (Yeah, faster than Monkey’s straight-up flights into space to face Rasslor). After all, you don’t really expect a radioactive primate super hero to beat a super fast hosted help desk environment, do you?

5. The laboratory’s help desk doesn’t have to be hidden behind the bookcase.

The helpdesk will be completely rebranded and painted in his favorite colours, so Dexter doesn’t have to hide it behind his bookcase. The helpdesk will be completely Dexter’s own, and that takes away one of his biggest worries to choose a hosted helpdesk – no hiding anymore!

All of Dexter’s contemporary labs are already on the cloud. The smart money is on Dexter choosing an online helpdesk as well.

Well, if you are still wondering if you should move to a hosted help desk solution as well, here is a free green paper that can help you make a choice.

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