Why should your help desk be ready to take on a Zombie Apocalypse?

Written by on August 23, 2012

Should you even be asking this?  Of course you should be ready to face a Zombie Apocalypse. But for the Zombie disbeliever in you, there are a lot more reasons your support team should be ready to face a Zombie Apocalypse than a bunch of living dead chasing your customers. So here are five reasons why you should really get your help desk ready to take on a Zombie Apocalypse, even if it you think it’s never really going to happen:

5. Your bases are good to go, when the load is low
Best to be prepare your support structures when you can. When the zombies attack and you are under pressure, you most probably will not have time to get yourself ready. After all, your customers must know where to look for help when they are on the run, right?!

4. It could be your one chance to win everlasting love
When the going gets tough, the tough get their machettes and baseball bats out of the closet. During the attack, your customers will be relying on you, and that’s your one chance to outclass your best service. Give them what they want and make them your customers for life.

3. It’s a good reason to get in shape
Those long boring periods without Zombies on the prowl and scared customers calling in can dull even the sharpest support teams. Getting prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse means you will need to beat your fastest response times, resolutions and customer satisfaction scores every day.

2. The Breakdown Protocol is ready: You are prepared for the worst.
There aren’t a lot of things we can think of that can get worse than a Zombie Apocalypse. Which means if you have your Zombie Service Breakdown Strategy in place, you are ready to take on anything – service disruptions, black friday support overloads, bugs, inventory issues… Anything!

1. If a Zombie Uprising DOES happen, you are good to fight them already.
Oh zombies, you say. Bring ’em on. You get to be the guiding beacon and hero to all your customers, instead of cowering under a cubicle with just an old kettle for defense.

Whether you believe in them or not, being Zombie-ready is just good business sense for your support. Go ahead, get your Zombie armors out. And get your customer support prepped up for anything with this free Greenpaper on The 6 Ways to Make Your Customer Support Zombie-Ready. Go ahead, download it for free, & protect your helpdesk.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

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