Why your support portal should scream YOU!

Written by on March 4, 2013

We live without any dearth of choice, don’t we? Especially when it comes to buying stuff. A consumer can nearly drown in the number of choices that he has to wade through to pick something. And these choices are sometimes as different as chalk and cheese. Some do more things than they need to, some don’t do nearly enough. Some look like they were dipped in rainbows. Others look like they’d be at home in a Dali painting.

And then there’s you, who stands out so much that the customer takes one look and trots right over to you.

You stand out because your brand beams at him everything you would say if you were physically making the sale. Your customer knows that you put in a lot of dedication and effort into your product; knows that you go all the way to make sure that he gets nothing but the best, 100 percent satisfaction, the moon, the sky, the stars.

Brands are that powerful. Brands are that awesome. When you’re going to go all the way, why leave your support portal out of the party ? After all, it’s a part of your interaction with your customer. Make him comfortable by fixing up your portal so that it beams ‘You’. He can look at your logo, your colors, your favicon and relax because he knows that it’s you that he’s talking to.

And that’s why rebranding your support portal is so important.

Now that you’re convinced, here’re five easy steps to jazz up your support portal –

One – Your Logo
Selling your product without your logo is like serving ice cream hot. It just isn’t done. Most customers won’t remember the subtle colors you use to give your brand the right feel but they will remember the logo. So, uploading your logo to personalise your customer support portal should always be step one in your rebranding process. Your portal just isn’t complete without your logo proudly emblazoned on every page.

Two – Look and Feel
This is for the customers who do remember the impressive color combinations that make your design so appealing. Tweak around with the color palettes to give your colors to the tabs, the header and the background. Together with your logo, they’ll present a soothing welcome to many a harassed customer.

Three – Your Favicon
Door three is kind of a frill. But if you want to go the extra mile to make your portal shine, you should add a favicon. A favicon is that little picture that’s next to the URL in your browser’s navigation bar. A lot of your customers probably won’t notice but the ones that do will be impressed by your attention to detail.

Four – Languages
Customization doesn’t begin and end with just changing the look of things. Change things around such that your help desk “speaks” to your customers in their native language. After all, few things put a person at ease like listening to the language they grew up with.

Five – Custom Domain Mapping
Custom domain mapping is basically setting up a custom URL for your help desk. It means that you don’t have to use applepie.freshdesk.com as your support portal’s web address but can actually rock support.applepie.com. This is you making it easier for your customer to remember your web address.

All of these options are available under ‘Helpdesk Rebranding’ in the Admin tab. Go forth and explore the ways you can rebrand your help desk! If you’re lost, give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

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