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Written by on August 26, 2015

Wernher Von Braun, the man who created the Saturn-V rocket (that took humans to the moon) once famously said, “We can defeat gravity. But sometimes, the paperwork is overwhelming”

While necessary, routine paperwork tends to reduce the size of the Amazonian rainforest and employee efficiency simultaneously. Tracing the right bits of information, making sure the invoices and contracts are signed off and sent to the right person takes up a lot of valuable time everyday. In the field of customer support, especially, agents would rather spend all their time making sure customers get their answers quicker than fill out time-sheet entries and send out invoices for the support they provide.

Most of this paperwork is now taken care of by dedicated software, but due to a disconnect between the various systems, agents still have to spend some time syncing data in various solutions with each other.

Here at Freshdesk, we took a conscious decision to work with those partners whom we believe will make a support agent’s life easier. We wanted to make your data available across all tools and synced across multiple platforms that your agents typically use, allowing them to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about managing data.

Today we take another huge step in that direction by integrating with Xero – one of the biggest online accounting solutions – to make your operations more efficient and easy.

Bill customers for support easily with the Freshdesk-Xero integration

With the Freshdesk-Xero integration, you can easily track time spent on a ticket and log those timesheet entries in Xero as a draft invoice, in case you wish to bill customers for support. The integration with Xero also ensures you have access to all invoices related to the customer so that simplify billing by linking multiple tickets to a single invoice.

The Freshdesk-Xero integration has built-in measures to ensure that the integrity of your billing system is not compromised. To avoid duplication of bills, we’ve ensured that you cannot create multiple invoices for the same ticket. And all invoices that agents create via Freshdesk are drafts by default and require an authorization from an Admin in Xero before it is sent out to the appropriate customer.

Freshdesk with Xero
Click here to learn more about the integration and how to set it up in your Freshdesk account.

Take it for a spin. Let your agents worry about customers’ problems rather than paperwork.

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