Your Customers will now “like” your Support.

Written by on November 4, 2011

Announcing the Freshdesk Facebook Feature

Now your customers will definitely “like” your customer support, if not love it, that is.

All over the world, companies are going and listening to their customers where they are – online, and reaping the benefits. MarketTools’ social media study based on a survey of enterprise customers found that 23% of companies were providing customer support on Facebook and 12% were providing customer support on Twitter. It’s time your company joined that list of progressive businesses. We are happy to announce Freshdesk’s brand new feature  – customer support on Facebook.

Now your customer’s posts on your Facebook wall, comments on posts, and messages will all become tickets that agents can process and answer like an email ticket. Your replies will be posted right back on Facebook making it totally hassle free for your customers. Add this to Freshdesk’s Twitter feature, and your customer support arsenal now has the two most important weapons out there.

Unleash them today, and surprise your customers with your super fast support. It’s working great for us! Our Facebook fan page capture below.

Facebook Customer Service Image Courtesy


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  • caithriellesam

     This is why Facebook is a very popular social media tool and customer service platform tool, because of its convenience and is always updated.  People are always hooked and on the go with Facebook apps, that’s why its becoming a part of their daily lives.